UR don earns a PhD from Aarhus University in Denmark

Dr Cubaka K. Vincent successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Understanding and measuring patient-provider communication in primary Health care in Rwanda”.

His work explores patients’ and healthcare providers’ insights on their interactions in health centers in Rwanda. He also adapted and validated a patient-reported measure of provider communication skills for use in Primary health care in Rwanda. Communication between the patient and the provider is considered a key element of health care.

This PhD work may be considered as a starting point that establishes bases for improving patient-provider communication in Rwanda by generating knowledge that will prioritize the value of optimal communication and that will guide policy decisions, teaching and future research on patient-provider communication.

Dr Cubaka during his PhD defense

Dr Cubaka has also successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Understanding and measuring perceived quality of external supervision of Rwandan primary healthcare providers”. This research aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the external supervision of primary healthcare facilities in Rwanda by exploring supervisors’ and providers’ ex periences of the supervision content as well as their perceptions of the interaction and relationship between supervisors and providers.

Through this research, Dr Cubaka has developed a measurement tool – EXPRESS - allowing healthcare providers to evaluate the quality of the experienced professional support in external supervision.  

 Dr Cubaka K. Vincent is a medical doctor, specialist in family and community Medicine at the University of Rwanda. He is currently a faculty member at the school of Medicine and Pharmacy, teaching and researching on primary healthcare and community health issues. Since 2013 he was involved in a twin PhD project under collaboration between the University of Rwanda and Aarhus University in Denmark.


Congratulations to Dr Cubaka!