The HIV- and ART-Associated Cardiometabolic Research Training in Rwanda is a 5- year NIH grant to develop research capacity through Short-, Medium- and Long-term trainings for clinicians and scientists in Rwanda., Developing T4 Translational Research Capacity for Control of Hypertension in Rwanda is a 4-year NIH grant to RASD organization to design and build capacity through collaborative network of clinicians, academics, public health experts and other scientists to engage in late-state Phase 4 (T4) translational research (TR) by building competencies required to enhance uptake of proven interventions for Hypertension control in Rwanda. Both grants are implemented through partnership with University of Rwanda and University of Washington School of Medicine St Louis, MO, USA.


The Biostatistics training aims to introduce ‘R’ as a tool for statistics and graphics, with the main aim to become comfortable with the R environment. It will focus on entering and manipulating data in R and producing graphs and other outputs. Functions for basic statistics will be introduced and statistical functions will be covered in detail.

Dissemination and implementation (D&I) science represents an important avenue for public health progress by enhancing the application of evidence-based interventions. This training aims to improve the impact and reach of the products of health-related research through building capacity of local scientists.

Application process:

Submit: a) motivation letter; b) full curriculum vitae; c) 1 reference letter; d) Departmental letter) notified copies of academic transcripts


For more information, please Contact the following persons via e-mails

Dr.Vincent Mutabazi,

Dr.Stephen Karengera,


Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


RASD Biostatistics Training (docx)

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