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Prof. Vincent Sezibera, PhD

Welcome to the Directorate of Center for Mental Health

The Centre for Mental Health-College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) was established September 2015, as a new research and community outreach structure approved by the cabinet (refer to UR Organizational Chart, published by the Ministry of Public Service and Labor, dated 1st August 2014, Ref. : 1160/19.21). The Centre’s vision is to be in service to all researchers and clinicians active in the multidisciplinary field of mental health, in order to promote mental health wellbeing in Rwanda and the wider region. In collaboration with national and international stakeholders, the centre aims to :
-  promote and coordinate research activities
-  provide academic postgraduate and professional trainings
-  provide clinic services to people with mental and psychosocial needs both at the University of Rwanda and the wider community,
-  advocate for the wellbeing of mental health service users and providers to mitigate inequalities and inequities in mental health services provision and seeking,

The centre activities are structured under four (4) pillars :
Promote and coordinate research activities
1. To conduct research in accordance with priorities set by the National Health Research Agenda 2014-2018 and the National Mental Health Policy 2011.
2. To collaborate with National and International NGO’s active in the field of mental health to research the impact of their activities.
3. To collaborate with other universities to set up both applied and fundamental research projects
4. To collect and research data from UR clinical services.
5. To coordinate important review articles.
Provide academic postgraduate and professional trainings
1. Organise post-graduate degrees.
2. Organise Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.
3. Organise conferences, colloquia, summer schools, workshops.
4. Facilitate and encourage student exchange with other universities and research centres (national and international)
Provide clinical services to the wider community
1. Provide mental health care to students and staff from all UR campuses
2. Set up a clinic : Provide consultations in a clinical setting depending on identified needs.
3. Organise outreach activities with the aim of facilitating societal healing and community resilience,
4. Provide supervision to mental health professionals at work.
Advocate for the wellbeing of mental health service users
1. Raise awareness on mental health issues and ensure that mental health is on the national agenda of the government.
2. Provide evidence based policy advice.
3. Provide standards for patient human rights : propose legislation for patient protection.
4. Define standards of care : create and disseminate validated protocols.

Prof. Vincent Sezibera, PhD

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