Principal thanked Humanity & Inclusion for their support to UR-CMHS

28 Sep 2021

Humanity &Inclusion’s support aimed at supporting the policies and initiatives of public authorities and civil society and the University of Rwanda as a training institution for health professionals to advance the rights of people with disabilities and others living in particularly vulnerable circumstances.
Areas of Partnership Humanity and Inclusion has had with UR-CMHS include :
• Support to the Mental health program
• Physical rehabilitation, prosthetics and orthotics and Occupation Therapy.
In addition, Humanity & Inclusion has implemented actions to improve the prevention and care of epilepsy, through the training of health professionals at UR-CMHS in the prevention and management of epilepsy and providing people with information on epilepsy during psycho-educational sessions.
The partnership also worked together to ensure quality and accessible rehabilitation services in Rwanda, supporting the Rwanda Occupational Therapy Professionals at UR, to organize awareness-raising sessions on occupational therapy, and by improving the quality of training for occupational therapists.
Humanity & Inclusion promotes the inclusion of Rwandan people with disabilities in access to health care, education and recreation. Teams offer support to organizations run by and for people with disabilities, providing them with technical and financial assistance, enabling them to pursue actions to promote the rights and civic participation of people with disabilities.
Humanity & Inclusion promotes the inclusion and protection of other at-risk populations, including people with mental health disorders and refugees, by organizing rehabilitation, early detection of disability, and psychosocial support sessions.
With the coming to an end for this project between Humanity and Inclusion and UR, Associate Professor Jeanne Kagwiza, the Acting Principal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences thanked the support given to the College and called upon them to consider further areas of cooperation in future.


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