School of Medicine and Pharmacy

Prof. Stephen Rulisa, MD, MMed, PhD

Welcome note

Welcome to the University of Rwanda, School of Medicine and Pharmacy.
This school is the oldest and largest in Rwanda, you will find interesting information of what young and older doctors are doing to improve the health care in Rwanda as well as in this ever-changing world.

The school of medicine is organized into undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The students from the school to have theoretical knowledge and skills required to manage different diseases. The pharmacy students are getting knowledge and skills for management and manufacturing medications used in health care delivery. The school have also postgraduate program where medical doctors are doing subspecialties to fill the gap of competent and equitable healthcare delivery.

The school community is involved in different initiative among them we can cite research for better understanding the health care provided and also to quantify the gap in health system, global health for understanding and managing health care equitably.
The school continues to work with different partners to have global knowledge and skills required for today medical doctor who will treat different patients coming from different parts of the world.

This webpage will help you to navigate through the school for basic information which may be needed for your career as new applicant, present student as well as faculty staff.

We wish you a warm welcome into our school.

Dean of school

ProgrammeS (undergraduate and Postgraduate) + course outline
Lesson Instructor Time
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours
BSc with Honours in Pharmacy
Bachelor of Social Science in Clinical psychology
Masters of Medicine in Anesthesiology
Masters of Medicine in Surgery : General Surgery option
Masters of Medicine in Surgery : Orthopedics option
Masters of Medicine in Surgery : Urology option
Masters of Medicine in Surgery : Neurosurgery option
Masters of Medicine in Pathology
Masters of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Masters of Medicine in Internal Medicine
Masters of Medicine in Pediatrics
Masters of Medicine in Emergency and Critical Care
Masters of Medicine in Radiology
Masters of Medicine in Ear, Nose and Throat
Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry

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