UR - University Teaching Hospitals recognized as international training centers in Endoscopy

01 Nov 2022

In collaboration with the University of Rwanda, King Faisal Hospital (KFH) and Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK) have been recognized and awarded by the World Endoscopy Organization to :
1- Implement quality education in digestive endoscopy, gastroenterology and hepatology fellowship training.
2- Increase access and knowledge of endoscopy in underserved areas of the world
3- Support international cooperation to achieve optimal practices in endoscopy
4- Inform the public of the many benefits from high quality and safe endoscopy

The existing collaboration with the Ministry of Health and UR in providing teaching sites together with the international team to give an impact to the community in digestive health care.

Hon. Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije addressing the media at the event

The CMHS Principal attended the event

The UR VC (left) recieving a certificate from the Hon. Minister of Health

The UR Vice Chancellor recieves a certificate of recognition


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