Mukamana Donatilla, RMH,MscN,Phd

Job Title/Academic rank: 

• Diploma, Mental health nursing, , Institutions universitaires de psychiatrie de Genève, Suisse,1994
• BSN Hons Mental Health Nursing,University of Kwazulu-Natal,Durban, RSA, 04
• MScN Mental health Nursing, University of Kwazulu-Natal,Durban, RSA, 04/05
• Phd in Nursing, University of Kwazulu-Natal,Durban, RSA, 04/14

Research Interests: 
Dr Donatilla is interested in genocide studies, gender based violence and nursing education
Few selected publications: 1. D. Mukamana, G. Uwiyeze, A .Sliney.(2015). Nursing and Midwifery Education in Rwanda: Telling our Story.Rwanda journal of medicine and health sciences, 2(2), 2-9 2. S. Leshabari, R .ChaloNabirye, D. Mukamana, J .Mill (2015). Looking forward to the East African Countries’ Collaboration in Nursing and Midwifery Education, Practice and Legislation. Rwanda journal of medicine and health sciences, 2(2), 69-73 3. Maggie Zraly, Sarah E. Rubin, Donatilla Mukamana (2013). Motherhood and Resilience among Rwandan Genocide-Rape Survivors. Journal for the Society for psychological Anthropology. Vol 41(4),411-439 4. Mukamana D, Piddington,S (2012). Developing mental health Services in Rwanda / Vol 108 Online issue / Nursing Times 18.12.12 2 Personal Statement: Dr Mukamana Donatilla is Dean of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, one of the colleges of University of Rwanda. She is committed to improve nursing and midwifery education in Rwanda , research driven and advocate for women and children suffering from gender based violence.