Centre for Teaching & Learning Enhancement

The Centre of Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) at CMHS was established in June 2015. The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes teaching and learning excellence at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.It replaced what used to be called the Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance. The main functions of the centre are:


-  To promote excellence in teaching and learning

-  Promote use of ICT and other means of instructional technology in teaching and learning

-  Provide instructional support to faculty and students

- To promote student support through use of student -centred teaching and learning

-  Oversee development and delivery of various curricular models

- Oversee the process of validation of academic programmes

-  Ensure use of effective teaching and learning strategies

-  Enhance assessment strategies for effective achievement of learning outcomes

-  Follow up internal and external moderation of exams

-  Ensure implementation of external examiners’ recommendations

- Oversee formulation and implementation of policies, practices, and procedures concerning the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

-  Coordinate of internal and external quality assurance activities

For examinations, timetables and teaching venues, please contact Mr. Eugene

Cell: 0785304667



For any other queries concerning the centre please contact Mr. John Mugarura, Director-CTLE.

Cell: 0788305342

E-mail: jmugarura@khi.ac.rw