Job Title/Academic rank: 

Ms. Oliva BAZIRETE is a registered midwife, currently Assistant Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences in Midwifery department. She is involved in developing and delivering modules to be taught to midwifery students. She is coordinating the bachelor’s degree program of midwifery, she works as a focal person of the blended learning program providing in service training for nurses, Midwives and Community Health workers of the southern province about maternal and child health related issues. The program is founded by the Health e Foundation partner of the college of Medicine and Health Sciences. She got her master’s Degree in nursing, stream Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology from the University of the Western Cape in the Republic of South Africa, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Nursing education and her midwifery training from the University of Rwanda.  She is working for the University of Rwanda since 2003. Her previous professional experience includes Clinical practice in Maternity within hospital and Health centers settings. She attended and had oral presentations in different regional and international conferences focusing on Nursing education as well as midwifery. 

Research Interests: 
Oliva’ areas of interest include maternal and Neonatal Health.
1. Bazirete O.; Mbombo N. (2014).Utilization of partogram among nurses and midwives in Rwamagana health facilities in the Eastern province of Rwanda, University of the Western Cape, Republic of South Africa (Mater’s Thesis) 2. Bazirete O., Murekezi J., Niyonkindi J., (2015).Clinical Practice Realities: World and African Perspectives, Rwanda Journal of Medicine and health Sciences, Kigali, Rwanda (in press)
Educational Background: 
1. Advanced diploma in Midwifery (A1), Former Kigali Health Institute, 1998-2001 2. Bachelors degree in Nursing Education, Former Kigali Health Institute, 2005-2007 3. Masters degree in Advanced midwifery and Neonatology, University of the Western Cape- South Africa 2013