UR CMHS is conducting a training of trainers in Electronic Health Records use and Management

On 30th/01/2018 The Principal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Dr.Jeanne Kagwiza officially opened the training that is currently ongoing at Remera Campus.

The University of Rwanda is hosting on behalf of Government of Rwanda the Regional Center of excellence for Biomedical Engineering and e-Health (CEBE). The mission of the eHealth program component within CEBE is:“To establish leadership in developing the ICT capacity and solutions that Rwanda and the region needs, uses, and relies on for service delivery and management.” and the Purpose of e-Health is to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide and support healthcare service delivery. Some of the benefits of successful e-health systems implementation in the health sector are:Improved access to health services, Evidence-based decision-making, improved quality, productivity, cost effectiveness and better health outcomes.

Among the activities proposed to be achieved by the Centre is to support capacity building among key e-health actors starting from end users: service providers, health facility managers, and support staff for easy adoption and use of IT in health care delivery, IT programmers to support the development, castomisation and maintanance of ehealth software, and ehealth researchers to conduct research and evaluations of e-Health systems.

Delivering quality, competency-based training is a core part of building the next generation of professionals to effectively work in the entire value-chain of e-health.

The main approach to train the end users of ehealth is the development of capacity for training of trainers in the country. The training will ensure that we will be able to raise key players to support the integration of eheath in health care systems in Rwanda and the region. A training of trainers will cover all districts in Rwanda with selected health facilities in order to understand the best teaching model that can be adopted. This strategy will aim to develop and test teaching resources that can be used for other health facility staff who are key players in e-health field, it is in this regard that the training was organised.

According to Dr.David Tumusiime who is coordinating the program,the main objectives of this training of trainers are:

  • Train health facility end users on the use and management of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • To equip participants with necessary skills that will help them train other users under their respective catchment areas through an online e-learning process.
  • To develop and test the effectiveness of teaching resources for EMR end users in Rwanda and the region.

Expected results:

  • All districts in the country will have health facility staff to support training of other staff in EMR use and management in Rwanda and the region through an e-learning process.
  • All facility staff understand individual and collaborative roles to use and maintain EMR in health facilities.
  • CEBE have working teaching resources for EMR use and management for end users that can be used to teach other health care providers.
  • CEBE have a published paper on the model and approach to develop teaching resources for ehealth end users.

Program beneficiaries:

This training will be given in the beginning to 200 participants from all districts in Rwanda. These include District Hospital Medical Doctors, Health center heads (titulaire), Health Center Data Managers and nurses from 32 district hospitals and 56 selected health centers.



The CMHS Principal Dr.Jeanne Kagwiza (standing left) officially launched the training program.


The Principal addressed the participants and requested them to offer good services at their workstations


A participant explaining her expectations from the training