Medical students Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) together with university of Rwanda joined the community to do public service (UMUGANDA) on 24th February 2018 which took place at Matyazo, Ngoma sector where we dag a toilet for a family without it. This was done in order to implement Youth Education Activities on NCDs (YEAN) Project which is a partnership project between Medical students Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) and IMCC (International Medical Cooperation Committee) Rwanda.

Medical students helped in digging and carrying trees from the forest to the toilet construction site and giving an interactive teaching session after UMUGANDA about Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)


This picture was taken before departure from Faculty of medicine to Matyazo cell, NGOMA Sector

This picture below was taken at arrival of Matyazo prior to UMUGANDA

The picture below is showing medical students, campus manager and population of Matyazo digging

The picture below shows medical students and population carrying trees

After UMUGANDA, Teaching session about what NCDs is, characteristics, prevalence, modifiable risk factors and prevention of NCDs

After teaching session of NCDs

Our outreach was so productive although there was few number of people from Matyazo who were at UMUGANDA site and this was because they had a lot of different sites.

Much appreciation goes to university staff represented by Outreach coordinator who accompanied us and volunteers (Medical students) who sacrificed their time to go to teach the community about Non-Communicable Diseases