Kwibuka 24 at Huye Campus: “The University was supposed to be the light to the population and not a sanctuary of criminals” - Dr Malimba

The commemoration day at Huye Campus started with a walk to remember that was attended students, staff, families and other senior officials from both government and the civil society.

In his testimony Hakizimana Vincent who survived the genocide at the campus and is now based in Belgium gave a moving tribute of his fallen friends and classmates one whom risked his life and lost it to save him yet they were of different ethinicity as this played a critical role on one’s fate.

He said the former interim president of the genocide regime Theodore Sindikubwabo came to Butare and gave instructions to the community not to be onlookers but instead incited them to “start the work” (kill Tutsis) as it was being done in other parts of the country.

Dr. Bideri, a legal expert from CNLG adressed the commemoration gathering

UR students thinking over what really went wrong

The following days student were not allowed to go outside the campus premises as fellow students betrayed them by pinpointing their hideouts to the militias who hunted them.

It was students who betrayed fellow students” saying they are Tutsi they deserve to die, narrated Vincent in an emotional story.

Students of Nyundo school of music perfomed at the commemoration with hyms of hope

Jean Pierre Nkurunziza  who represented academic staff at the function said the genocide was not an accident because some academic staff of the former NUR participated in its planning and execution and inciting students to reveal their colleagues.

The Mayor of Huye District Eugene Muzuka attended the function and gave his remarks at the function

Mr. Eugene Muzuka  the Mayor of Huye district was the guest of honour and called upon academicians to teach students positive values of humanity such that genocide never happens again.

Muzuka said  “those who thought were intellectuals at the university, ended up measuring peoples noses  and  body  appearances to justify their hatred”

The genocide memorial at UR Huye campus has more than 4 000 victims of former students and staff of the former NUR laid there.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Strategic Planning and Administration, Dr Musafiri Papias Malimba

In his speech, The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Strategic Planning and Administration, Dr Musafiri Papias Malimba, said “ the University before the genocide had turned into a manufacturing industry of murderers, but that has changed for better and the university should be a centre for  producing heroes in different disciplines, “teaching should not be in books alone”.

Statistics indicate that more than 350,000 people were killed in Butare at the time of the genocide against tutsis.


Night Vigil

The Hon. Minister of Education Dr Mutimura, the UR Vice Chancellor and three of the four UR deputy vice chancellors attended the night vigil at Huye campus together with the Resident Principal of the campus Dr. Jeanne Kagwiza.


During the walk to remember

The resident Principal of Huye Campus giving her condolence remarks to those present

Regional and District Senior Security Officers attended the function

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