The African Health care Network in collaboration with The School of nursing and Midwifery of the University of Rwanda in the College of medicine and Health Sciences held a health outreach campaign for Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) screening. The event took place at the Parliament located at Gishushu/Kigali.

This activity was carried out on 17th/May/2018 – from 9: AM till 11: 30 AM which is the international Hypertension day. A total of eleven academic faculty from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Rwanda participated in this event .Among them; there were two Human Resources for Health ( HRH) faculty , nephrologists specialists who were involved as  well. Prior to screening services; Dr Joseph NTARINDWA, nephrologist Physician specialist from the African Health care Network gave the introductory speech which emphasized on the necessity of this activity targeting the parliament staff. He explained that NCDs are on the rise in Rwanda; and different screening activities done targeted the general population. However; MPs are also concerned with these diseases that are preventable.

It is known that Hypertension, diabetes and renal diseases are some of the NCDs; that are becoming a global health issue nowadays, and a big burden to the Rwandan Context. It is in this regard that the screening was done by measuring the blood pressure, sampling the blood glucose level and testing for proteinuria to rule out kidney diseases and measurement of body mass index to check for obesity which is again a risk factor for developing some NCDs.

Health education was also provided to the community according to individual results.A total of seventy supporting staff from the parliament was screened for and five (5 ) clients  among  them were identified with hypertension and diabetes. Additionally; referral services were provided to the clients accordingly.

Two staff from the SONM/UR gave their contributions in regard to the health education on  preventing  NCDs such us performing physical activity to facilitate blood circulation and reducing weight gain, they emphasized on avoidance of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, avoidance of sedentary lifestyle, taking  a proper diet ,low salt, low sugar, low fats  diet, avoidance of over the counter medications which may alter with the kidney function , and the importance of performing regular checkups among others. Clients were reassured about keeping confidentiality of their results.

After the screening services, a debriefing session took place; lead by Dr NTARINDWA who thanked all stakeholders in this activity whereby   emphasized on the SONM/UR contribution for the achievement of such event. He again said that there will be another screening opportunity for the MPs both chambers because most of them were not available during that time due to other work related activities .The date will be communicated soon.