A Symposium on Rehabilitation and Mobility Services was hosted by UR-CEBE

21 Jun 2019

The Regional Center of Excellence in Bio-Medical Engineering and E-health in collaboration with the African Federation of Orthoprothesist Technicians (FATO), the Symposium started on 3rd – 6th December 2018 and was officially opened by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic affairs and Research Prof. Nelson Ijumba.

The main objectives of the policy makers meeting were to :

Identify priority needs for the development of the rehabilitation and mobility device services in Africa and to ensure that services are available, accessible with equity to both the service users and the service providers.

Identify key facilitators and barriers in achieving the identified priorities.

Develop actionable recommendations

Develop five key strategic focal areas with priority actions recommended to support the development of the 5-year strategic plans for FATO and CEBE.


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