CMHS is received visitors from the University of Michigan to discuss areas of partnership

30 Sep 2021

The Principal of UR-CMHS Associate Professor Jeanne KAGWIZA today on 28th September 2021 hosted two delegates from the University of Michigan USA DISCUSS areas in which the two institutions can collaborate. The meeting was also attended by the Dean and Deputy Dean of the school of nursing and midwifery, the Director of CHUK teaching hospital and the head of department, midwifery at CMHS.
The identified prospective areas under consideration include :
Expanding Research Capacity in Family Planning (FP), Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) University of Rwanda work plan ; 2021-2023 Objective
-  Facilitate training for faculty and trainees to develop their skills as independent research investigators through workshops, webinars, coaching, and courses
-  Build upon research toolkit to enhance core curriculum in research training
-  Identify and engage in-country Research Coordinator to steward all local research activities
-  Conduct research gap analysis for faculty at each new prospective partner institution to determine specific research training needs
-  Conduct research gap analysis for trainees at each new prospective partner institution to determine specific research training needs
-  Coordinate and conduct training workshops for faculty and trainees
-  Coordinate and conduct webinars for faculty and trainees
-  Coordinate and conduct coaching sessions for faculty and trainees
-  Coordinate and facilitate attendance and participation at advanced research courses for attendees to become TOTs Objective
-  Award competitive seed grants for faculty and trainees at partner institutions
—  Define tiered structure for seed grants
-  Announce and oversee each competitive seed grant process for one funding cycle at each partner institution
-  Track research project milestones to completion and dissemination
-  Foster inter-institution networking among African researchers through various conferences and online communities of practice
-  Organize and host a scientific conference every two years
-  Identify national and international research conferences and provide financial and logistical support for PIs (where able) to present their research findings. This will be a competitive process that requires PIs to apply and after a competitive selection process,
5 researchers per year will receive funding and logistical support
-  Establish communication channels for online interaction of researchers across partner institutions Objective
-  Coach Partner institutions in research administration
-  Develop a toolkit of research administration topics for the continuum of research
-  Provide training on sustainable practices such as grant finding, budgeting, responding to calls for proposals, etc. and organize grant review panels Objective
-  Lead monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to ensure that all partner health education institutions meet program standards
-  Identify and engage in-country M&E consultant to steward all local M&E activities
-  Conduct baseline study on facility readiness
-  Assess existing readiness and capacity for M&E
-  Establish and develop the scope of the M&E plan including requirements, tools and procedures
-  Establish MOU with partner institutions to apply a set of standard expectations for measuring trainings and practical experience of students and a process for collection the information
-  Gather and analyze data
-  Carry out quarterly supportive follow-up communications or visits
-  conduct a mid-line assessment of the project
-  Document best practices in selected areas and share at national and international forums
-  Provide overall training for sustainable M&E activities
-  Evaluate the project at the end of the grant period


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