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MWENDEZI Bosco Claude

Welcome to the Careers& Employability Center Services (CES)

The Career Centre was established After the University of Rwanda merger in 2013. The Centre supports basically students to gain soft skills in equating them to manage 21st century challenges.
Graduates are facing Employability challenges at the labor market and University of Rwanda is insisting on reshaping learning styles and adaptability to the work environment in Rwanda and abroad. This can be observed in University of Rwanda-Employability strategy policy which is aimed to be embedded in all the Academic programs.
The main objective of the establishment Career Centre is to carry out integrated Educational activities for increasing skills, knowledge and attitudes as well as resolving unemployment problems emanating from soft skills gap among the University Students.
1. Support in improving Employment readiness of Scholars while at University.
2. Creation of the incubation mechanism /workshops and seminars for students ;
3. Creation and management of the Career portal for scholars to access professional internship and other Job Opening opportunities.
4. Arrangement and implementation of Open days, orientations and annual career /labor fairs for the students at UR and engaging CollegePartners.
5. Establishment of analytic groups, e.g. Innovation student Groups, Debate Groups etc.
7. Manage and coordinate professional Associations and Alumni group for career Development.
8. Monitor and asses learning challenges especially at clinical placement sites.
9.creation of career counseling and mentorship groups for scholars.
10. Career Guidance to Secondary schools especially those offering STEM combination aimed at orienting them on how to join the University.
11.Carrying out Periodical Tracer study to UR graduates to inform for adjustment of the training programs in relation to labor market.
12.Strengthening the links with probable employers through M.O. Us and support their business needs by facilitating access to a skilled and diverse student and graduate workforce.

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